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* Open group tours allow direct purchase on our website. These tours do not require a minimum number of people to confirm the session, so once you have purchased the tickets the route is confirmed.

* The Tour starts at the place and time scheduled. Out of respect for all attendees, the Guide will initiate the Tour on time; It is your responsibility to be at the starting point on time.


* Once the purchase is made, NO changes or refunds are allowed. However, in case of force majeure, contact us and we will assess the case.

* Meteorological conditions. The tours are carried out with sun or rain, not being bad weather a valid reason to cancel the service.


* We will always send you an email with the details of the agreed service, indicating day and time of beginning, meeting point and end. In case there is an error in these details, it is your responsibility to inform us as soon as possible.

* No service is considered accepted until full payment has been received.

* Once a service has been requested, and after acceptance of the program and cost proposed, it will be necessary to pay a deposit, which will be at least 20 % of the total amount. This deposit is not refundable if the client decides to cancel the tour.

* 7 calendar days before the date of service, it will be necessary to have paid the full amount of the service. This may vary slightly in if the service includes tickets, transportation … external elements to us, with perhaps more restrictive cancellation policies (eg Reservations to visit Park Güell must be fully paid 7 days before the visit, so we will ask you to complete the payment 10 days before).

* In case of contracting a service with less than 7 days in advance, it will be necessary to pay the entire amount for confirmation.


* Deposits are not refundable if the client decides to cancel the tour.

* In case of cancellations more than 7 days in advance, the amount paid will be refunded without any penalty (except the initial deposit of 20%).

* Cancellations less than 7 days in advance have a 100% penalty

* Meteorological conditions. Tours are carried out with sun or rain, not being bad weather a valid reason to cancel the service.

* Cancellation of a part of the total of reserved services: In the case where several services have been reserved and the client should cancel only a part of them, the amount of the deposit equivalent to the canceled services will be charged as a cancellation fee. If the cancellation is made less than 7 days before the start of the canceled service, the total service price must be paid.

* Force majeure: Cancellations due to force majeure will be studied in order to reach an agreement. You must present proof of the cause that forced you to cancel the tour.


* If you need to change the date or time of your tour , we are open to it but we can not guarantee that it will always be possible since everything It depends on the availability of Official Guide, and in case of including tickets or transport, of the availability of these. It is possible that these changes imply some associated costs, in case tickets have been purchased or an external service with non-refundable expense


* The client is responsible for reporting on the meeting point: In the case the client has booked a tour before knowing where they will be staying ,or if there was a change of accommodation, the client is responsible for reporting the corresponding meeting point.

* The customer is responsible for providing us with a contact mobile phone number that is working in Barcelona on the day of the Tour: In case of any last minute incident we have to be able to contact you.

* The tour starts at the time agreed with the client. If the client arrives late, they will have lost that time of the tour. The time lost due to the delay of the client is not refundable, and the tour will end at the agreed time at the time of booking.

* Itinerary: The tour will take place on the agreed route, but there is the possibility of having to change depending on weather and other unpredictable events such as traffic, demonstrations, street work and / or monuments.